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Sarah Frazier » Library Assistant Syllabus

Library Assistant Syllabus

Course: Library Science

Teacher:  Sarah Frazier

                Bachelor of Music Education, UNC-Greensboro,

                Master of Library and Information Science, UNC-Greensboro

Materials needed:  All assignments are completed online.

Grading Scale:

I grade on a 5 point scale generally.  Each assignment will detail what you must do to obtain all 5 points.  5 = 100, 4 = 80, etc.  For your report card and progress report the grades will convert to the standard scale of:

90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

59 and below = F

How you are graded:

Canvas Assignments - Each week you will have a journal or discussion board due.  I discovering what you have learned in this matter rather than giving tests.

You will find the due dates of all the work you need to complete throughout the semester in library science under assignments.  All of your assignments which are due first quarter are already open and ready for you to respond.  You are more than welcome to complete them early if you wish.The quality of your work matters.  Students at your level should be able to not only answer the question but write and expand upon your answers.  3/4 of a page should be easily obtained.  Simple one and two sentence answers are not sufficient.

Any time you are writing a journal you should use 1 inch margins, Times New Roman Font, 12 pt.

Please submit your journals using the Google Docs tab in the Canvas submission area.  It is easiest for me to find your assignments and grade them when you do this.

Weekly Participation - Each week you will receive 5 points for completing the daily work which needs to be done in the library and front office.

This year we will also be serving as technology help for the students and teachers of FHS and helping teacher's with their lessons.  From time to time I will give those we have served feedback forms to see where we are in need of growth and what we have mastered.  

Exam- It has not yet been decided if this course will have a final exam this semester.  I hope to have a definite answer before we enter our second quarter.

Late Work:

Most of your assignments are due on Sunday nights.  Late. Work is not accepted.  All journal topics will be published at least two weeks ahead of their being due to give you plenty of time.  This keeps you from having assignments pile up and promotes quality work rather than rushed work.  If you are absent from class for a period of time I will be happy to work with you on extending due dates.



You were selected for this course and MANY others did not get the opportunity to be in this class.  I expect there will be no discipline problems.  Please do not let me down.