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About Me and My Classes

Fall Semester
1st Period:  Math 3
2nd Period:  Honors Math 3
3rd Period:  Honors Discrete Math (AP Stats)
4th Period:  Planning
Spring Semester
1st Period:  Planning
2nd Period: Math 3
3rd Period:  AP Stats 
4th Period:  Math 3
I can be reached via email at [email protected]
Office Hours:  Mornings are usually best, but please make an appointment to make sure I will be there!
Follow me on Twitter:  @RachelMcDavis

My name is Rachel Davis and I would like to tell you a little about myself!


For those of you who have older children who have been to high school, you might have known me as Rachel McCollum.  At this point, some of you might have even gone to school with me!  I got married in 2011, so I am now Mrs. Davis.  Forbush is literally family to me.  My husband, Seth Davis, teaches CTE classes here and is the men’s soccer coach.  My sister, Becky Dorman, also works here as an instructional facilitator.  My mom, Robin McCollum, was in education for many years.  She used to be in charge of ISS at Yadkinville Elementary before she retired.  My dad, Andy McCollum, used to help with softball and tennis until I gave up coaching.  I have 2 children, a girl and a boy.  My daughter is Sawyer, who is 9, and my son is Finn, who is 5. I have quickly learned being a parent is the hardest and best job in the world.  Time must speed up when you become a parent because it’s amazing how fast children grow. 

 I graduated from Forbush High in 2001.  I went to Catawba College where I played softball for 3 years.  I majored in math and minored in secondary education.  I graduated in 2005 and began teaching at Forbush in the fall of 2005.  I earned my National Board Certification in 2011, and renewed in 2021. I coached women’s tennis from 2005-2010.  I began helping with the softball team in the spring of 2005 and became the head varsity coach in 2010.  I was the head coach from 2010-2014.  I decided to step down so I could spend more time with my kids.  I began working with SASI in 2007 (Student Athlete Summer Institute sponsored by the NCHSAA) and was the Piedmont Region co-director from 2014-2021. Sports have always been a big part of my life; however, when I was younger, I took piano lessons for 7 years and dance lessons for 13 years.  I was also in several plays during my elementary school days and love theater!

I love helping the students at FHS succeed in any way I can, whether it’s math or athletics.  I know I cannot make all students love math, but my goal is to at least help them “not hate math so much!”  I love being with these students and every year, I learn something new from a STUDENT!  I am honored when I am asked by a senior to write a letter of recommendation.  I am so humbled that out of all the teachers at FHS, they chose me to write a letter that can significantly impact their futures.  If your child ever needs help with anything, please contact me.  I want to assure you that no matter how weak your child’s math skills are, if they put in the work and effort, they will pass my class.  I hold high expectations for work ethic.  I will hold them accountable for their efforts.  I realize not everyone is strong at math, but I truly believe everyone is capable of trying their best and putting in the work.  I want them to be proud of the work they put in, the grade they earn, and the knowledge they gain.

Supplies Needed for Math 2 or Math 3 (regular or honors):
3 Ring Binder
Loose Leaf Paper
Supplies Needed for AP Stats or Precalculus:
3 Ring Binder
Loose Leaf Paper
Colored Pens
*If you want your own calculator, I highly recommend the TI 84 Plus CE.  I have a class set of 10 for students to borrow.