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Physical Science

Welcome to Mr. Love's Physical Science class.  I will be adding files periodically that will assist you as we progress through the course, so check back often for updates and additions.  Also, follow me on Twitter (@BurlLove3) for more frequent updates and announcements.
 As we start off a new semester, we will begin by studying distance, displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration.  We will be using a lot of math skills in this first unit, but I have some tips and tricks to assist you.  We will also be looking at a lot of graphs and learning to interpret them to learn about an objects velocity and acceleration.  Make sure to visit my web page often to find added files.
Below are some files that might assist you as we begin the course:
Velocity and Acceleration Unit Notes:
Forces and Newton's Laws Notes:
Energy Unit Notes:
Waves Unit:
Electricity and Magnetism Unit:
Atoms and Periodic Table Unit:
Solutions Unit:
Chemical Reactions Unit:
Chemical Bonds