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Dear Parents,                                                                                              


Welcome to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program at Forbush High School.  I am excited to have you and your student interested in the Falcon Battalion. 


            First, I want to stress that we are not here to recruit for the militaryJROTC is a Leadership and Character Development program, taught by retired military cadre using the latest instructional technologies, focused on student centered learning in a structured environment.  Through participation in the learning process, cadets gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and how to apply what they have learned.


            This program is designed to allow cadets to learn, practice and develop their leadership skills.  We achieve development using a military form of organization and leadership positions.  Each position has its own purpose which ensures the accomplishment of our mission: “To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens”. 


The first year cadets are mainly followers, with the Junior and Senior level cadets practicing and developing their leadership skills as the key leaders in the program under close supervision from the SAI or AI.  Third and fourth year cadets, Leadership, Education and Training (LET) III and LET IV, have the opportunity to be in an Honors Program if they meet certain requirements.


We have two before and after school programs; drill team and rifle team.  These teams compete against other high school JROTC programs throughout North Carolina, normally on the weekend.  Additionally, we have our Color Guard and Honor Guard responsible for the Nation’s Flag at certain events and the Raider Team which participates in competitive events focused around physical fitness and confidence building.


Course Description: “What will my son or daughter specifically study in JROTC?”  Below is a list of the topics which are covered as part of the four year JROTC Program:


  • Intro to JROTC – A character and leadership development program
  • Foundations of Army JROTC and getting involved
  • The Nation’s defense forces
  • Leadership theory and application / Being a leader / Knowing how to lead
  • Leading situations and practical application lab
  • Foundations for success / Know yourself
  • Study and Teaching skills / Communications skills / Conflict resolution / Planning Skills to include Career Planning
  • Making a difference with service learning / Social responsibility

 National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE, a high school financial planning program)

  • Wellness, fitness and first aid (emergency and non-emergency situations)
  • Achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • Taking the Presidential Physical Fitness Test (also known as “Cadet Challenge”)
  • Drug awareness and substance abuse / intervention and prevention
  • Geography, Earth science and Exploring the World
  • Maps, map reading, and land navigation / Orienteering / Air navigation
  • Citizenship skills and American history / Your job as an American citizen
  • Advanced citizenship
  • The Founding and Growth of a Nation
  • Sources of power - The Federal Justice system


Weekly Schedule:  Each week is set up according to the following routine:


Monday / Friday – Physical training, Cadet challenge

Tuesday / Thursday – Academic instruction

Wednesday – Leadership Lab (consists of uniform inspection and drill)


Course Requirements:  To ensure your success, the following is required:


  1. You are required to complete all class assignments, homework, and readings. We will facilitate the understanding of material presented in the class and in the readings.  
  1. All assignments are to be kept in a 3-ring binder. This is your Cadet binder and will be provided at the beginning of the school year and kept in the classroom. It is organized according to your LET level. 
  1. Homework is due on each academic day for the assigned lesson. Homework is worth 100 points. 
  1. Quizzes are given at the completion of each lesson on the following academic day. In addition, there will be a final exam at the end of each semester. 
  1. Keep up with assignments by monitoring the weekly training schedule posted on the board in your classroom. The training schedule provides all assignments up to three weeks in advance. 
  1. You are required to dress in athletic clothing or appropriate clothing for a gym class for physical training. Failing to “dress out” for physical training will result in points being deducted from your daily physical training grade of 25 points. 
  1. All cadets are required to wear the cadet uniform (Class A or B according to the training schedule) on Wednesdays for Leadership Lab. All cadets must have a “military style” haircut and adhere to the grooming standards in the Cadet Handbook.


Grade Policy:  JROTC grading is in accordance with the Yadkin County scale:


A= 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= 0-59


Final grades for this course will be calculated by the following percentages:


    First Nine Weeks = 40% of final grade

    Second Nine Weeks = 40% of final grade

    Final Exam = 20% of final grade


Each nine weeks’ grade will be calculated based upon the following points per assignment/activity:


Physical Training = 25 points per day

Leadership Lab = 100 points

Quizzes/Projects = varies

Homework = 100 points


Final Exam Exemption: Students who are exempt from the final exam may still take the final in order to improve their semester grade if necessary.


I hope this letter provides insight into the JROTC program at Forbush High School.  Please feel free to call or come by to see me if you have any questions.  I may be reached at 336-551-1140 Ext 5086.